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1.Innovative Design Cleaner: The professional ultrasonic cleaner utilizes the cavitation effect of ultrasonic wave to produce 45000Hz ultrasound wave, which generates millions of microscopic cleaning bubbles decomposing and removing dirt.So,this machine can achieve 360° all-round high effective deep cleaning to make your items looking brand new again,using only tap water.

2.High Quality Materials: The jewelry cleaner features ABS material tank,no pollution,large clamshell design, waterproof and elegant appearance. Non-slip rubber pads on the bottom is used to offer extra support and avoid scratches.

3.Energy Efficient Cleaner: One button initiates ultrasonic cleaner machine auto-cleaning,without damaging your valuables while refreshing them as new.So,it’s extremely easy to operate.

4.Wide Range Applications: The ultrasonic cleaner can clean various items like glasses,watches,jewelry, tableware, dentures,shaver, razor, makeup brushes, nipples,and so on.

5.Quiet Operation: The suspension design of the ABS inner cavity reduces the medium hitting each other so as to reduce noise under 50dB.Our purpose is to bring you a more pure life.


Capacity: 300mL

Rated voltage: 5V

Rated power: 5W

Material: ABS Plastic



Package Includes:

1 Piece  Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

1 Piece  USB Cable

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 200 × 100 × 70 cm


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Ultrasonic Cleaner Steel Wave Tank Glasses Watch Jewellery Cleaning UK